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Wider Achievement 
Wider Achievement

Wider Achievements

We will be celebrating children’s achievements at a Monthly Assembly which we are calling our Achievement Assembly so that everyone is aware of their successes! I would encourage your child to make the school aware of any successes they are having, this could be learning to ride their bike, winning a dancing competition, passing the next level of their karate and so on.


You can do this by tweeting on our school Twitter Account (@StJoachim1) and by informing the school through a note in your child’s diary. These are big achievements to our children and we want to be part of it!


You can support your child by encouraging them to take part in activities that they enjoy.  You can also talk to them about what they are involved in, what they enjoy about it and what they think they have learned from it.  This will help your child to understand what they have achieved from the activity and hopefully motivate them more.


St Joachim’s already recognises pupils’ achievements through the following:

  • Website
  • Display Boards
  • Social Media e.g. Twitter
  • Local Papers
  • End of Year Awards Ceremonies – Shields


We are in the middle of creating an Achievement Wall which will have photographs of the children’s achievements and anything else that is related.


Our first Achievement Assembly will be on Friday 20th  January 2017 so please make us aware of any current achievements for us to celebrate prior to this.

Our School 
Our School


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We always want our children to succeed!

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